Wine Food and Love is in the Air at Terra Waconia

Richard and I had a fabulous time at Terra Waconia, last night. Their Wine, Food, Love Event  was a night to remember.   What were our favorites on Chef Craig's menu? Simply all of it, from the pate, tapenade, and pulled pork, to the fish soup, duck proscuitto salad and sous vide Goat as the main course---absolutely divine--- We ended with a butterscotch creme brûlée- never ever had a better brûlée.
  The wines were from New France Wine Company.

The wine pairings were spot on! Came home with a case of wine too!  Waconia will miss you Terra!

 Richard and Marta Beckett

  Chef Craig Sharp and Tracy LeTourneau always create intimate, relaxed dining experience.  We are so sad to here  that they will be closing---- But only for a short time!!  We are one of their raving fans and cannot wait for the NEXT Terra!

Below is a newspaper excerpt from and a bit of  History on Terra Waconia.

Past, Present and Future
Most of you know by now that Terra Waconia will be closing the doors to our current location next month.  Will this be the end for us? Are we staying in the area? How can we be found? What is the angle of repose for any unconsolidated mass?  These are the questions we ask ourselves and are asked by our supporters everyday.  We cannot yet answer all of them but here is what we know.

The Past
Terra Waconia opened February 10th 2010 in the midst of a recession.  We would not have made it nearly this far without our many key friends. We are deeply grateful to those of you who have supported us over the last five years!

2014 has been a great year and we have seen our dream continue to grow.  Year two of the farmers market saw great growth and the solidification of a wonderful market community. We were thrilled to participate in the MN Cooks day at the State Fair and partner with the MN Zoo's Fish Smart program.  We launched cooking classes and kids programs.  Month after month we competed for the top spot in the top ten lists for Open Table as best in the metro. We saw a glimpse of national recognition from the press and we were honored to be selected to represent the United States at the International Slow Food conference in Turin Italy this past October.
None of this could have been accomplished without your support.

The Present
With only a handful of weeks left we have so much to do! We are looking forward to our annual Burns dinner on Sunday January 25th.  We had so much fun last year that we opened it to the public for the first time this year. We have already begun preparation for our fifth anniversary celebration which will be the same week and as Valentine's Day! This will be the week of our "grand finale" with wine dinners, prix fixe menus and old favorites.
A week full of love, romance, remembrance and hopeful excitement.
Please join us!!

The Future
We have no specific plans to announce at this point, but we are working hard on a Terra "Next".  We are optimistic about our future in Waconia and believe that this is just the opportunity we have been needing to grow. We are undaunted in our dreams of participating in food and farming sustainability, community involvement, economic growth, a vibrant and active downtown Waconia and of course REALLY REALLY good food! We have many ideas for the future and we'll be excited to share them with you soon.

It is difficult to express how profoundly grateful we are to those of you who have supported and continue to support us.
Thank you!

The angle of repose for unconsolidated mass can vary, but it's usually about 34°.
Now you will be able to sleep!
Craig Sharp & Tracy LeTourneau