Want to Give your Teenager a Realty Check? Look what Waconia High School is Doing!

Jim Lee Business Teacher at Waconia High School organized local business. 

One of the most important considerations when buying a home is the quality of its school district.  A desirable school district will increase the value of your home immensely.

Waconia School District 110 is highly rated.  Among the reasons is their implementation of new ways of learning.

As we all know, school should help prepare you for life, and that's what this year's Reality Store  did at Waconia High School.  Jim Lee, a business teacher, put together the program where students shopped in the "Reality Store" for life's necessities such as clothes, groceries, daycare, credit cards and housing.  Their choices were evaluated and they learned how to be more knowledgeable consumers of life's necessities.

Waconia Bankers, you get to spin for a credit score and a lesson in it's importance!
 Waconia Businesses helping students make choices 

Don't These Waconia Financial Advisors look like Pros

The students could have a pet but there were expenses to consider!