Yippee! Marta Beckett Homes is in Waconia and the Art Wander is this weekend- Life is Good.

I am on the move..... and want to make sure you can find me the next time you wake up in the middle of the night and desperately want to talk real estate.  I am now closer than ever, now I am working closer to home! 

I am pleased to announce that my new office is in Waconia, MN at 104 West Main Street with another Stellar Agent Nicole Skaro of the Skaro Group. Together we have you covered come and visit us!

 I sit in anticipation every year it is finally here THE ART WANDER!. www.artwander.com.   We have a tremendous amount of artistic talent in our midst, this weekend you can see for yourself  are 13 studios throughout the county for you to explore.
 I was very lucky to be asked to go on the pre-wander.  What fun!  We toured  3 of the 13 Studios open for the ART WANDER.   It was amazing, words can't explain it, pictures do....... but up close and personal now that is the best!

These are my highlights from  Studios L, K, and M.  The ART WANDER starts tomorrow September 26th and runs through the weekend. Enjoy-the weather is sublime -get your wander on!

Cynthia Anderson Steel Stone Glass  Studio L  

Cynthia's steel structure  better in person guys I'm just saying .... Studio L

Peter Potter I LOVE these vases!  Studio L  

Richard Krogstad ....Studio L
Captures our landscapes- superb

Luke Miller- Studio L
Gorgeous Wood
How does he do that??
Studio L- 16315 Jonathan Carver Pkwy
Carver MN 55315

Janet Brose .. Studio K
Her inspiration Mexico and Minnesota
Yes she captures both!

Steve Kelzer .. Studio K
Do You want a lesson in Marquetry? He is a master at it!
Studio K...1191 Victoria Dr.
Chaska, MN 55318

Reid Thorpe Studio M
Vibrant Reflective Magical
They are stunning.

Anna Rosenthal Studio M
Anna studies scientific illustrations at St Thomas her illustrations
 have been published as educational resources. She is a joy!

Studio M 115 West 82nd Street
Chaska, MN 55318