The Caim Center

When was the last time you took some time out of your busy life to create an art form, go on a spiritual journey or experience new forms self expression?

Have you watched a movie lately that really had an impact on you, this movie wasn't a "blockbuster" - over advertised and appealing to the masses - but a movie that made an impact anyway because now you see life just a little differently or had the chance to experience others with a different viewpoint.

Do health and wellness techniques interest you?   And could these ideas possibly give you the impetus you need to live a healthier lifestyle ?

Now all these possibilities and more are available to you at the Caim Center, located at  in downtown Waconia.  The Caim Center offers a wide array of fascinating classes, book clubs, movie nights and creative pursuits. Its truly unique experience.

Do something good for yourself go online and see what the Caim Center has to offer and what speaks to you, the classes are changing all the time.

This month I had the pleasure to interview I  Pam Braunwarth one of the owners of the Ciam Center. Please watch video below.

It was my pleasure to interview a very creative duo.  Dan and Chiaki Obrien, both artists/ instructors at the Caim Center.

Dan Obrien teaches mediation on Monday nights at 7pm.   Join in as Dan discusses the various forms of mediation and we put them into practice.  Dan is also an author of the Japan Series.  Fascinating books about cultural Japan with a mysterious twist.

On November 16th, Chaiki Obrien teaches her  SAORI Weaving at the Caim Center.  What a fantastic form of creative expression!  My daughter and I absolutely loved her class.  You WILL weave  something beautiful, I guarantee it!  Also visit her website at Saoristudiofun.comPlease watch video below as I interview the Obriens'.