IT"S HERE THE ART WONDER 2013! September 28th and 29th

My favorite time of year - Fall.   My favorite event of the year - the Art Wander!  Only 2 days away! This Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th.

Last year I can boast that I visited every single studio and loved everyone of them, what a unique experience to hear the artist stories and to see the artist in action, demonstrating their craft.
Art Wander is also a great way to tour the Carver County driving from studio to studio seeing the leaves and the grass and all the changing colors, but I digress.

DO IT, GO FOR IT, go on the Art Wander - you will be glad you did!

Oh, by the way, if you do visit all of the studios in Art Wander, your name will entered into a drawing to win original works donated by participating artists!  How cool is that!

I recently interviewed two of the newest artists in Art Wander, Reid Thorpe and Angela Nowak-Goloja Watch my videos below.

Also click here for the map of the studios and  for even more information about the artists and
            ART WANDER .