Redecorate a Sure Cure for Spring Fever!

It is April 10th, an inch of snow on the ground and we are expecting 4-6 inches in the next few days!   Depressingly I have heard we have had only 3-4 nights above freezing all year!  Our whole 2013 has been like this, endless cold, snow and grey. What does this do to a persons spirit? Well let me tell you it ain't uplifting.

My days were getting longer and longer and my spirits were sinking lower and lower.  I would get up each morning and go down to my office in the basement and there it was .....  Kick me when I am down...... the blah, blah basement.  Brown walls, old furnishings, miss matched accessories and part tack room with my daughters saddle in it, frankly a very dull combination.

I new I needed help and quickly who did I call?  "JUNE AND THE BEE!"

"June" is Jennifer Patenaude an exceptionally talented artist and designer and her husband Ryan  "the Bee"  is "the worker" on the team, who meticulously painted my entire basement walls and ceiling, moved furniture around and built the most fantastic coffee table for me!

Using mostly all of my furnishings. Jennifer and Ryan did their do handiwork. In three days, seriously folks they are quick... they transformed my world.  Now I can say let it snow, because I have my beautiful basement painted a sunny yellow that is a joy to experience and a cure for the blahs.

Call  JUNE AND THE BEE, they can transform your space too..... take a look at their work!!

Old Dull Basement

New gorgeous Basement
Using the same furniture.......
Here is the daybed Now, with Ryan's coffee table!
Blah, blah basement

Jennifer found this buffet at Mary's Wish $150! 
Jennifer can create some cool groupings

All my stuff Jennifer collected from around the house!
Amazing Transformation
More old basement
New basement now!
Old basement notice furniture placement change

You get the idea, wow I can't say enough great things  about JUNE AND THE BEE!  Look them up on Facebook and send a message they will uplift your spirits- and transform your home!

Here is their contact information:


And because of all the changes in my home.   I am hosting a  Community Garage Sale, April 26th and 27th!  If you want to have a garage sale at your home on these dates let me know.  I will post it on a map do the print advertising, do the  flyers and signage for you!

Sorry, I am afraid I will have to limit my Community Garage Sale to my hometown in Waconia and the  surrounding area. Contact Marta for more information.