An insurance agent like Thomas Wilson will be able to determine the structural replacement cost of your home for insurance purposes, but before deciding how much homeowners insurance to get, take the time to know your stuff, take an inventory of your valuables and personal property.  The easiest way to do this is by making a video of the contents of your home.

Go through each room of your house and talk about the type of furniture you have mentioning what you paid for certain items and when you purchased them.  Also talk about any upgrades you made to the home.  Open drawers and closets and talk about their contents.  As you compile your inventory supplement it with receipts and pictures of the bigger or more valuable items. Update your video on an annual basis or at least with any major purchase or home renovation.

An insurance claim will go more smoothly when you know your stuff! Be sure to compare the estimated amount of your personal property with the amount of insurance you currently have to make sure it is accurate.

The home inventory can easily be kept on a zip drive. Store this information in a safety deposit box or with a friend or relative, this kind of pre-planning can save you thousands in the unlikely event you have a homeowner's insurance claim.

 There is an online website called KNOWYOURSTUFF making it easy to keep an itemized list of your personal property in one safe place.

This house will not be easy to insure!  (taken from pinterest)