Here are a few more gardening tips for homeowners as we go into the season digging in the dirt.

1.  When picking flowers for your containers in the front entry of your home. Be Bold and massive, have a lot of color and less variety, pick big flowers not a bunch of little delicate flowers that people cant see from the street, gerianiums, petunias, begonias all work well.

2.  Say no to orange mulch. pick natural cedar mulch.  The problem with it is all you see is the mulch not the beautiful plants a plain natural cedar color is best.  Mulch around trees to cool the soil and retain moisture. 

3.  Plant shrubs away from your home.  Plant all shrubs according to the mature size of the plant.

4.  Stagger plantings over many years.

5.  Create layers with plants taller in the background graduating down to for the best visual effect.