Waconia Minnesota.  Is it pronounced  WA CON EE A with 4 syllables or   WA CON YA with 3 syllables.  Wikepedia says we are  we-khon-ee-a but what do they know.

While you ponder the pronunciation of Waconia, I will focus on the beauty, charm and liveliness of this town of 10,000+ located 35 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As I am a real estate agent so housing facts and figures about Waconia will be highlighted here as well.

So what is Waconia like?  Is Waconia rural?  Well yes, Waconia has an abundance of beautiful farms and bucolic settings.  Do you have an urge to pet a llama (Carlson's Lovable Llamas), cut down your own Christmas tree (Z's Trees) or get farm fresh eggs right from the source (At the Farm).  All are available minutes from downtown.

Is Waconia suburban? Yes, Waconia hosts two beautiful wineries,  Sterling Vineyards and Parley Lakes Wineries, there is fine dining at Terra Waconia and Lola's Lakehouse or the sports bar Cheers type atmosphere of Chumlys, The Saloon or Hoppers. "Where everybody knows your name."

We are important to politicians; Rick Santorum stopped here on his presidental campaign trail this month and Governor Mark Dayton will be right here for the Minnesota Fishing Opener, May 11-12 2012.

Did I mention Waconia has the 2nd largest lake in the Minneapolis/St Paul area?  Do you know about our beautiful marinas, Mase's Intowne Marina and Clear Water Marina?   Did I mention Island View Golf Club or the state of the art hospital, Ridgeview Medical Center.

Well I will.  Please come back for more interviews and updates on Waconia, Minnesota.